Huwebes, Abril 28, 2011

My 3rd Day at Hubpages

Today is my 3rd day at hubpages, so far I have 10 hubs. I'm quite busy browsing their forums and looking for some ideas to make a new hub. My earnings today dropped to $0.01 :( because the other 2 of my hubs are turned to "Needs Revision" but I already revised them and submitted again for publication. So 4 of my hubs are now under publication, during this hub status advertisements will not show to the hubs, that's why my earnings dropped.

Today, I also created another 2 new hubs and that's Chowking Style Chili Paste Recipe and List of Top Article Directories, and submitted to for backlink purposes.

# of Hubs: 10
Total Views: 126
HP Earnings: $0.05
Adsense Earnings: $0.00

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