Huwebes, Abril 28, 2011

My Day 2 at Hubpages

Today, with 8 hubs, I'm very happy because just yesterday I started Hubpages and now I already have $0.04 earnings in HubPages Ad Program :) But 2 of my hubpages turned to "Needs Revision" and thats my My Hub Pages Journal and Fastest Adsense Approval Guide, But I already revised them and submitted for publication.

I also started submitting my Hubs at, it is a hubpages directory site for backlink purposes. I created new 2 hubs, PPC and CPM Ads for Adult Sites and How to Withdraw Paypal Funds in the Philippines

# of Hubs: 8
Total Views:92
HP Earnings: $0.04

Adsense Earnings: $0.00

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