Lunes, Mayo 16, 2011

20th Day at HubPages

10 days to go before my FIRST MONTH at hubpages, yet I only have 24 hubs but the 3 are under publication. I hope I can still manage to achieve my first month's goal at hubpages. Check out my hubpages goals here . I am also very happy because at last my hubs earned some cents at adsense. Today I created 2 new hubs:

Barbecue Party Tips For A Truly Amazing Event
Barbeque Techniques: Two Methods to Consider

# of Hubs: 24
Total Views: 550
HP Earnings: $0.73
Adsense Earnings from Hubpages: $0.28

Lunes, Mayo 9, 2011

My 13th day at Hubpages

My today's earnings in HubPages Ad Program is delayed, maybe the earnings will reflect tomorrow, this is commonly happen at hubpages. I also created 3 new hubs using the articles of my writers, I am not able to write my own right now because I'm very busy with my personal life.

The 3 new Hubs are:
Keywords Importance
Barbecue Sauce For A Perfect Barbeque
How To Apply For A Fast Payday Loan?

I submitted all these hubs to I also created a account and created 1 lens to reveiw my hubs and put links for backlinks purposes.

Here is the Lens I created:
HubPages Review

# of Hubs: 22
Total Views: 412
HP Earnings: $0.42 (Not Updated yet)
Adsense Earnings from Hubpages: $0.00

Linggo, Mayo 8, 2011

My 12th Day at Hubpages

I'm very happy seeing some passive income now from my hubs, $0.02-$0.09 per day is not bad for a 12 days old hubber like me. Right now I have a total of 19 hubs because I created 3 new hubs today, 1 I personally write the article and the other where just outsource articles.

My New 3 Hubs:
Make Online Passive Income
How To Become A Successful Article Marketer
Forex Trading: How To Get Started

I submitted them to hubspin as usual for SEO backlinks.

# of Hubs: 19
Total Views: 366
HP Earnings: $0.42
Adsense Earnings: $0.00

The Art of Outsourcing

Today, I hired 3 article rewriter for my PLR articles at a rate of $1 per 400-500 words article and the article must be 50% unique from the original. I used this articles for my hubpages. This is the easiest way to get unique articles. Now I'm just writing 1 article with my own and just outsource articles for me to create another hub fast.

Now, I'm planning to hire more contractual virtual assistants for the SEO of my hubs. Outsourcing is really a great way to make things easier and faster.

Sabado, Mayo 7, 2011

My Day 11 at HubPages

Sorry if I'm not able to update this journal in the last few days because I'm very busy with my offline life. Here is my summary update, only 1 new hub created since day 7 and it is my Hubpages or Squidoo hub, earned $0.04 from yesterdays traffic. I deleted 5 of my hubs that I think its low quality and now trying to maintain good hubs.

# of Hubs: 15 (because 5 of my hubs are deleted)
Total Views: 332
HP Earnings: $0.38
Adsense Earnings: $0.00

Lunes, Mayo 2, 2011

My 7th Day at HubPages

Today, I linked all my hubpages here vice versa for traffic and linkback purposes. I also created 2 new hubs today: How to monetize your forum and Backlinks for your Hubs. I also earned $0.06 from HubPages Ad Revenue Program but still $0 in google adsense. My traffic is keep in increasing day by day as I created more hub.

I also do some forum posting with my hub link on signature in it to drive more traffic and backlinks. Also submitted my 2 new hubs at

# of Hubs: 19 (4 hubs under publication)
Total Views: 355
HP Earnings: $0.22
Adsense Earnings: $0.00

Linggo, Mayo 1, 2011

My 6th Day at HubPages

Today, I am very happy, I earned $0.08 just from HubPages Ad Program with a total of 17 hubs but the 4 are still under publication. How ever my adsense is still $0.00. I created new 2 hubs today and that's How to Promote a Forum and Hubpages Traffic Secret and submitted them to hubspin. I am also getting comments now and feedbacks, hope this will continue until I achieve my goals. Some of my first created hubs are getting low traffic.

My Plans:
  • Update my first's created hubs
  • SEO all my hubs
  • Submit article to article directories about my hubs for backlinks

# of Hubs: 17
Total Views: 294
HP Earnings: $0.16
Adsense Earnings: $0.00

Sabado, Abril 30, 2011

$5 a Day Challenge until July 5

I graduated last April 14, 2010 in a course of BSBA Business Management major in Human Resource Development Management, but I don't want to work in office and I just like to stay at home playing computer games, and trying to make money online. I want to have a passive income online in which I just sit in front of my laptop and typing something and playing games and I still earn.

Right now I'm only 19 years old, I have lots of knowledge in any "make money online" related matters, Ptc, adsense, blogging, data entry, etc. Now, I challenged myself, EARN AT LEAST $5 A DAY after July 5(my birthday) and I will not look for a job offline anymore and I will just focus online.

My Plans:
-Create Adsense Sites
-Create HubPages
-Make 1 forum site

Today, May 1 is the start of my challenge. I must start EARNING AT LEAST $5 a day AFTER July 5

My 5th Day at Hubpages

Today, I created 2 new hubpages:

How to Start a Paid to Post Forum
Make Money Sharing Links

And submitted to and I promoted them in linkbucks forum and got 10 UVs :) I earned another $0.02 from HubPages Ad Program but still $0 from my Adsense account, but still I'm happy because ad views not at my adsense is increasing day by day, hope to get clicks in the next few days.

My Plans:
  • Next week I will start SEO my hubs
  • Make 20 more hubs next week
  • Edit and update my old hubs

# of Hubs: 15
Total Views: 222
HP Earnings: $0.08
Adsense Earnings: $0.00

Biyernes, Abril 29, 2011

Fast Adsense Approval

The main reason I started blogging in hubpages and created this journal is because I have now a APPROVED ADSENSE account, I read several success stories about blogging and adsense, so I just created one and try my luck here.

Thanks to the person who shared a method at symbianize forum on how to get fast adsense approve account, I got my adsense account approved in just 5 hrs. I created a hubpage about the method here

At my first day at adsense I earned $0.02 after I placed their ads to my Naruto Pictures site.

My 4th Day at HubPages

Today, I created 3 new hubpages:

And submitted all the 3 hubs at, I also edited most of my hub tags because I discovered some tagging techniques, you can read that at my Proper Use of Hub Tags hub. I also answer some questions at their forum to gain some followers. Today I also earned $0.01 from HP Ad program, I know it's too low but according to some hubber this is a good start for me, because most of the hub beginner's are not really earning at least $0.01, and according to them earning at hubpages takes time but passive income.

# of Hubs: 13
Total Views: 170
HP Earnings: $0.06
Adsense Earnings: $0.00

Huwebes, Abril 28, 2011

My 3rd Day at Hubpages

Today is my 3rd day at hubpages, so far I have 10 hubs. I'm quite busy browsing their forums and looking for some ideas to make a new hub. My earnings today dropped to $0.01 :( because the other 2 of my hubs are turned to "Needs Revision" but I already revised them and submitted again for publication. So 4 of my hubs are now under publication, during this hub status advertisements will not show to the hubs, that's why my earnings dropped.

Today, I also created another 2 new hubs and that's Chowking Style Chili Paste Recipe and List of Top Article Directories, and submitted to for backlink purposes.

# of Hubs: 10
Total Views: 126
HP Earnings: $0.05
Adsense Earnings: $0.00

My Day 2 at Hubpages

Today, with 8 hubs, I'm very happy because just yesterday I started Hubpages and now I already have $0.04 earnings in HubPages Ad Program :) But 2 of my hubpages turned to "Needs Revision" and thats my My Hub Pages Journal and Fastest Adsense Approval Guide, But I already revised them and submitted for publication.

I also started submitting my Hubs at, it is a hubpages directory site for backlink purposes. I created new 2 hubs, PPC and CPM Ads for Adult Sites and How to Withdraw Paypal Funds in the Philippines

# of Hubs: 8
Total Views:92
HP Earnings: $0.04

Adsense Earnings: $0.00

Miyerkules, Abril 27, 2011

A New Start: My HubPages Journal

Today, April 26, 2011, I joined hubpages after reading many success stories and I got inspired by them. I also decided to start my own Hubpages Journal to track my progression and hoping to inspire others too. In this journal, I will write my daily/weekly and monthly activities, stats, earnings and my goals and hoping do update this at least weekly.

Keep in touch with my journal ^_^

My Day 1 Activities:


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