Sabado, Abril 30, 2011

$5 a Day Challenge until July 5

I graduated last April 14, 2010 in a course of BSBA Business Management major in Human Resource Development Management, but I don't want to work in office and I just like to stay at home playing computer games, and trying to make money online. I want to have a passive income online in which I just sit in front of my laptop and typing something and playing games and I still earn.

Right now I'm only 19 years old, I have lots of knowledge in any "make money online" related matters, Ptc, adsense, blogging, data entry, etc. Now, I challenged myself, EARN AT LEAST $5 A DAY after July 5(my birthday) and I will not look for a job offline anymore and I will just focus online.

My Plans:
-Create Adsense Sites
-Create HubPages
-Make 1 forum site

Today, May 1 is the start of my challenge. I must start EARNING AT LEAST $5 a day AFTER July 5

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